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About MissKyliee

After my father introduced me to Twitch and helped me with my first streaming setup, I started broadcasting part time around August 2013. He had a pretty convincing explanation as to why he believed in me so much: “You talk to yourself while gaming—you might as well do it in front of an audience.”
What began as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion; however, despite earning my Twitch partnership five months later, school still remained my primary focus.

It wasn’t until my father passed away in April 2014 that my priorities began to shift. Needless to say, this was a difficult time for me. I took a long hiatus away from school and from my channel, and didn’t return to streaming until several months later. Motivating my return was the memory of my father and his enthusiasm for each of my Twitch pursuits. His support inspired me and propelled my decision to become a full-time broadcaster.

Two years and more than 90,000 Twitch followers later, here we are. I never would’ve imagined I’d get to this point! I’m proud to say that my community consists of some of the friendliest people on Twitch and I look forward to meeting and interacting with every new member of my growing Fairy Family.


Name: Kylie
Age: Type !age into twitch chat
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Partnered since: Jan 30, 2014
Favorite game: Majora’s Mask
Mascot: Fairy

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How old are you?

A: If you type !age into the Twitch chat, it will tell you.

No… really… how old are you?

A: Lol . . . Sorry! I don’t give out my age because I made a promise to my father while he was still alive to refrain from doing so. He wanted to keep me safe so made me promise to not give out specific personal information online.

How tall are you?

A: I’m around 5’4”.

When did you start streaming?

A: I started streaming around August 2013 and was partnered on January 30, 2014. I started streaming full-time in January 2015.

What got you into streaming?

A: My dad was the reason why I gave streaming a shot after he’d found out about Twitch through a coworker. He not only told me about it, but he also upgraded our Internet and my computer to make it possible to stream from home.

Do you have any pets?

A: I have three cats and a dog. Tsume & Blu are seal-point Himalayans. Nala is a mixture between a tabby cat and a Maine coon (we rescued her). Cooper is a French Brittney spaniel.


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